Claudia Weekes, MS RD LD CEO, Speaker


I have always been happiest digging in the dirt and will try to grow just about anything once. After moving around in our 20’s and 30’s my husband and I decided that we wanted to experience country living and a slower pace of life so we began looking for land. It was love at first sight when we saw our property and immediately began imagining the possibilities on the densely wooded acreage. It has taken us eleven years to arrive at this point but I have enjoyed the ride.

I am the proud holder of a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Wellness and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics which has allowed me to work for the past 15 years as a registered dietitian, wellness coach, and nutrition consultant where I share my love of nutrition and health with my patients. Growing healthy and nutritious foods for my family and teaching others how to grow and eat nutritiously from their garden has become a passion of mine.

I enjoy a variety of interests including: Growing fruit, flowers, and vegetables, thrifting home decor pieces, and cooking the things grown in my vegetable garden and orchard. I reside on Bountiful Acres Orchard and Farm a beautiful 3+ acre wooded property with my college sweetheart where we have been homesteading for the past 11 years.

This website serves as my personal homesteading/gardening journal where we will talk about health, gardening, cooking, plants, and whatever else we decide to talk about. Thank you for following along!